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Horatio is Dead

You read right. Horatio, my beloved pet muskrat, has died. I found him in the moat just floating. Luckily, I am a retired taxidermist. I had him stuffed in no time. Using my Time Life tool books, I built a nice maple base for him. I then duct taped some wheels to it so I can still walk him.
This page will now be devoted to all the great times I had with Horatio. This will be updated soon. Bye. Dont forget to go to my home page Another Personal Page

Here are some pictures of Horatio.

I thought you may be interested in Horatio's short but interesting biography. Horatio was born Horatio Pablo Muskrat in 1997. He wandered into my life during a flood. After the water cleared I found little Horatio unconcious in the grass. Since I am a retired nurses aid, I did cpr on the little guy. He awoke and decided to stay with me. Horatio and I were the best of friends. We went everywhere together. Once we went to the mall together and laughed at all the shoppers. Then the security guards trailed us to the record shop. We asked for Mojo Nixon. They said "He don't work here". We said "If you ain't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin'". We jumped into the car away we started rollin'. I said "How much you pay for that?". She said "Nothin' man its stolen". Oh wait, that was the Dead Milkmen, those rascals. Them and their crazy music. Will they ever learn?. Hahahahaha. Well, anywho, Horatio died and now he is gone. I miss him so.
Here is another good shot of Horatio.
Good News everyone. I was up last night mourning the loss of my dear friend Sol Haksva, when I saw a commercial for some psychics who can help contact the dead. I called them up and I got to talk with Madame Bethany. She sounded like a nice girl. Anywho, she helped me contact Horatio for the low price of 3.99 per minute. It was nice to hear Horatio again. He told me to get a new pet. So today I'm going to the pet store and I'm going to get a peccary. They are nocturnal AND gregarious. What a combination!! I can't wait. Soon this page will showcase him too, so stay tuned.